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Customer Reviews

"I ordered the “Life” Kanji Earrings because they were so aesthetically pleasing, but when I received them and put them on, they were so beautiful and well made. The “Life” Kanji earrings completed my look. My 51st birthday is in January and I need another pair of Metaphysikz earrings to complete my birthday outfit. I will definitely be ordering more of this beautiful jewelry from Metaphysikz."

N.P., Customer 

"I love my earrings. They are well made and go great with many different styles. I feel glamorous and high fashion when I wear my earrings."


customer review
positive customer review

"The quality of work clearly put into the earrings and amount of detail blows my mind! They are absolutely beautiful!!! 

customer review
happy customer

"I love the bright golden color of the earrings! They are light weight and easier to wear. I get several compliments when I wear the earrings."

T.C., Customer

Positive Review of Metaphysikz earrings

"I LOVE my earrings!!!"

T.M., Customer

pleased customer
satisfied customer
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